Substantial shareholding
Report No:47/2009
Legal basis:Art. 70 item 1 of the Act on Public Offering – acquisition or disposal of substantial block of shares
Signatures:Piotr Chełkowski President of the Management Board
Iwona Rudnikowska Vice President of the Management Board

The Management Board PRI "POL-AQUA" SA informs that on 11 September 2009, the Company received a notice from Mr Marek Stefański, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, which states that the shareholding and percentage share in total number of votes at the general meeting of PRI “POL-AQUA” SA arising from the shares held by Mr Marek Stefański has decreased to 41.86%.

The change in shareholding occurred after Mr Marek Stefański contributed his 500,000 shares of PRI “POL-AQUA” SA to a closed-end investment fund Altus Alternative Investments Private Equity. The notice is attached to this report.

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