Public opening of tenders for the construction of next section of the S8 expressway
Report No:32/2011
Legal basis:Art. 56 section 1 item 1 of the Act of Public Offering – confidential information
Signatures:Piotr Chełkowski, President of the Board of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA” S.A.
Marek Sobiecki, Second Vice-President of the Board of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA” S.A.

The Board of the Engineering Construction Enterprise "POL-AQUA" S.A. with its registered office in Piaseczno (hereinafter referred to as "Company") announces that today at the registered office of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Branch in Łódź, there was a public opening of bids for carrying out the investment:
Construction of the S8 expressway in the section Walichnowy – Łódź (A1), section 5 (junction Sieradz Południe without junction - junction Łask without junction) from km 140+552,05 to km 174+200,00.
The best offer for carrying out the investment in question was submitted by the consortium in the following composition:
- Engineering Construction Enterprise "POL-AQUA" S.A., Piaseczno - Leader
- DRAGADOS S.A., Madrid - Partner
The net contract value is 1 129 185 628.45 zł. Estimated share of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A. in consortium is about 50%.
The Employer will proceed to examine the correctness of the submitted offers in terms their preparation and submission according to the conditions of tender specifications.
Selection of the Contractor and signing of the contract are to be carried out after completion of the procedures provided by the Act of 29 January 2004 - Public Procurement Law.

P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A. will provide information about the further course of the tender in question in the form of current reports.

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