The list of reports published in 2011
Report No:8/2012
Legal basis:Art. 65 section 1 of the Act on Public Offering – list of information made publicly known
Signatures:Piotr Chełkowski, President of the Management Board of P.R.I. “POL-AQUA” S.A.
Marek Sobiecki, Second Vice President of the Management Board of P.R.I. “POL-AQUA” S.A.
Content:The Management Board of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych "POL-AQUA" S.A. presents the list of the current and periodical reports published in 2011.
The Management Board of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A. notes that some of these reports may contain outdated information on the date of publication of the current report no. 8/2012.
The list of reports is attached to this current report. The complete reports can be found on the company web site: www.pol-aqua.com.pl under the "Investor Relations" link.
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