Significant blocks of shares
Report No:35/2013
Legal basis:Art. 70 item 1 of the Act on Public Offering – acquisition or disposal of substantial block of shares
Signatures:Servando Sierra Martí, President of the Management Board of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A.
Marek Sobiecki, First Vice President of the Management Board of P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A.
Content:The Management Board of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych “POL-AQUA” S.A. (the “Company”) hereby informs that on 2 October 2013, the Company received a notification from Mr Marek Stefański that as a result of disposing of Company's shares in response to the call for selling shares, Mr Stefański decreased his share in votes below 5% of the votes at General Shareholder's Meetings.
Prior to the disposal of shares, Mr Stefański had held 3 568 515 Company's shares, accounting for 12.98% of the Company's capital, and had been authorised to 3 568 515 votes at the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders, accounting for 12.98% of the total votes.
As at 1 October 2013, Mr Stefański did not have the Company's share on his deposit account.
The relevant document is attached hereto.
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