Contract for the construction of section no. 5 of S-8 express road

On the 5.01.2012 agreement was signed by and between P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A. consortium (The Leader) and Dragados S.A. (The Partner) and State Treasury – the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Łódź Division.
Subject of the contract consists in: "The construction of S-8 express road section Walichnowy interchange – Wrocław (A1), section 5 (Sieradz Południe interchange, no interchange - Łask interchange, no interchange) from km 140+552.05 to km 174+200.00"
The value of the contract amounts to: PLN 1 129 111 686.73 net (PLN 1 388 807 374.68 gross). P.R.I. "POL-AQUA" S.A. holds a 51% share in the consortium.
Realization of the undertaking will consist in a comprehensive implementation of the project, including: road, bridge, cubature and engineering works, including engineering and cubature objects, storm water drainages, sanitary sewerages, environmental protection equipment, road safety equipment, lighting, reconstruction of existing technical infrastructure.
The deadline for performing the subject of the contract was settled to be 27 months from the date of concluding the contract, including also winter periods.
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