Did you know... POLAQUA implements projects for such customers as: PKN ORLEN, GRUPA LOTOS, PERN "PRZYJAŹŃ", OLPP or PGNIG?. All of them require our company to act professionally, responsibly and to provide expert staff. It is thanks to those qualities that POLAQUA is successful and acquires more new contracts.

Energy Construction Departament

Energy Construction Departament

We specialize in the construction of:

  • fuel transfer pipelines (liquid and gas fuels)
  • gas tank installations
  • liquid fuel storage facilities
  • transfer pipeline support facilities

The order for construction of the third line of the “Przyjaźń” (Firendship) pipeline from Adamów to Płock that we received in 2004 was the direct cause behind establishment the Pipelines and Transfer Facilities Department. This independent unit strongly marked its presence on the pipeline and fuel tank construction market. In 2007 it was transformed into the Energy Construction Departament, which has become one of POLAQUA’s four main tiers.

At the beginning of its functioning, the Division and its 150 employees boasted successful completion of two fuel storage tanks with the volume of 10,000 cubic meters, which were constructed in the Fuel Depot No. 10 in Kawice, and were proud about having reconstructed a Fuel Depot in Chruściel – with the project including roadways and fire protection systems. We also took part in the expansion of the Gas Transfer Pipeline System and construction of the Natural Gas Pumping Station in Ciechanów.

Major investors

The customer portfolio of the Energy Construction Departament includes large fuel sector businesses operating in the field of gas mining and distribution – PGNiG, raw material supply – PERN „Przyjaźń”, fuel logistics – OLPP, as well as the largest crude oil processing market players: PKN ORLEN and Grupa LOTOS. We support those investors in pursuing their development strategies, acting as a reliable contractor they have been cooperating with for a number of years now.

Division’s Advantages

The immense potential in the form of specialist construction equipment is one of the Energy Construction Departament’s strong points. We own, inter alia, semi-automatic welding machines, state-of-the-art welders, as well as side cranes. Highly skilled staff experienced in making the best use of this equipment makes sure that its potential is utilized to the fullest. Safety is our priority, as the materials transferred in the pipelines or stored in the tanks are of hazardous character – they are highly explosive and pose a significant environmental threat. Therefore, in our work we rely on top-class installers and welders. Qualifications of the Division’s staff have been confirmed by prestigious titles of the International European Welding Engineer and the International Welding Inspector.

Quality proven by certificates

We hold numerous certificates documenting the quality of the work we perform: Quality Management System Certificate, Welding Quality System Certificate, Environmental Management Certificate. We are also authorized, by the Technical Supervision Office, to modernize, repair and manufacture process and transfer pipelines, no-pressure and low-pressure tanks for poisonous and corrosive materials, stationary pressure tanks, as well as elements of pressure and no-pressure stationary tanks for transfer pipelines .

Innovative undertakings

We closely follow the world’s economic trends and link our future with cost-saving efforts, also in the field of fuel transport. Transporting fuel by means of pipelines will always be cheaper than using road or rail tankers. We are involved in a project consisting in constructing over 106 kilometers of a fuel pipeline from Ostrów Wielkopolski to Wrocław. We are also the general contractor of a pipeline in Gdańsk, joining the Refinery and the North Port. We intend to construct more pipelines, also abroad.

We like to undertake innovative and challenging projects. We know how to meet the ever growing investor demands and how to adapt our efforts to their expectations. We may proudly announce that we have constructed Poland’s first gas expander for Zakłady Chemicznych POLICE S.A. The device allows the energy of the expanding gas to be transformed into electricity. Chemical plants are among Poland’s largest gas consumers. The fact that energy that has so far gone to waste is not reused means that the plant make generate significant savings, and may follow the trend of increasing the portion energy form renewable sources without increasing CO2 emissions. The power rating of the Police-based expander equals 1 MW. We will offer similar solutions to other chemical plants as well.

Construction of underground fuel tanks in unused mines, for instance salt mines, is another interesting solution. At present, Poland uses this method to store natural gas, but underground tanks may also be used for storing other types of fuel.

It is our intention to closely cooperate with the power sector. The EU-imposed duty to reduce Co2 emissions means that power plants will soon begin to overhaul and modernize their old coal-powered facilities, and to build new ones. In the future, coal gasification technology as a result of which liquid fuel is created, already in common use all over the world, will be transferred to Poland as well. Poland has approximately 5% of the world’s coal resources, so the construction of plants harnessing this technology is just a matter of time. We link our future with the growth and development of those branches of the industry.

Operation of the Energy Construction Departament is supported by other, specialized POLAQUA units, such as, for instance, the Drilling and Tunneling Group. Thanks to our close cooperation we are capable of providing comprehensive solutions and offering the use of state-of-the-art equipment, by such makers as Herrenknecht and GEHO.

In the years to come we wish to strengthen our position in the gas, crude oil transport and refining, as well as liquid fuels sectors. The Energy Construction Departament will continue to undertake new challenges, invest in its personnel and machinery stock, and take good care of the customers’ satisfaction.

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