Environmental Construction Department

Pion Budownictwa Paliwowego

We specialize in:


  • waste water treatment plants
  • waste water pumping stations
  • water treatment plants
  • waste water and rain water collector pipes
  • heating grids
  • electrical power networks
  • telecommunications networks
  • ground work

The history POLAQUA commenced with engineering work, as evidenced by the company’s name (Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych – Engineering Construction Enterprise). Therefore, our Division may be safely described as the company’s “foundation stone”. Without forgetting about well-proved working methods, we are still seeking and adopting new technologies and solutions, consistently expanding the scope of the work we perform.

Most frequent tasks

Eco-friendly construction, i.e. new waste water systems, modernization of existing systems, as well as construction of waste water treatment and pumping stations continues to be our priority. It is therefore that our company is often described as belonging to the group of businesses that have benefited the most from Poland’s EU accession.

We have, at our disposal, a diversified machinery stock and a great staff, which allows our company to be perceived as one that is always performing the tasks it has been entrusted with in a reliable and timely manner, even at most demanding locations requiring the deepest excavation work. We own the latest generation wheel- and caterpillar excavators of the most renowned brands that we use for waste water pipe line excavations, as well as very strong, safe, steel casings to secure the walls of trenches.

Caring about the environment

The Engineering Construction Division has been modernizing Poland’s water and waste water systems for a number of years now. The investors – cities and municipalities – are trying their best to make up for many years of delays. Higher level of environmental awareness and the ability to obtain EU funding translate into the need to construct waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, as well as into seeking rational waste and sludge management methods. Our Division continues to transform into an “eco-friendly” unit.

There are three departments operating within the Engineering Construction Division: Microtunnels and Controlled Tunneling, Pile Driving and Drainage. We have won our customer’s acknowledgment by constructing, inter alia, the underground infrastructure of Miasteczko Wilanów Residential District, Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center in Warsaw, the entire outside infrastructure of the Arkadia Shopping Center, as well as all the ground work for the Złote Tarasy Shopping Center.

In 2008 we were a part of a truly exceptional project – it was our task to complete the first stage of construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw. We carried out the demolition and ground work, as well as stabilized and strengthened the site on which the new, multifunctional venue will be erected.

Task Force Teams

We specialize in:

  • constructing microtunnels and controlled tunnels
  • constructing tunnels
  • water-tight steel walls, for drilling in tenacious soils
  • Berlin-type walls
  • strengthening the ground with cement-stabilized gravel and sand columns
  • draining with the use of needle filters, needle wells and depression wells.

Non-excavation method

We are also successful at applying the non-excavation method, which is particularly popular in cities. The technique is very appealing for investors and inhabitants, as the work does not interfere with the existing municipal infrastructure. We have successfully completed a number of projects of this type. We have constructed, for instance, a rain water collector pipe in Łódź, waste water and rain water system in Brzeg (over 250 km of the network), and in Radom we have constructed nearly 8 km of large-diameter collector pipes.

Numerous technical problems are encountered while constructing water mains and wastewater systems, mainly related to the type of the ground and high subterranean water levels. In such a case, it is necessary to drain the site before any work can be commenced. For this task we use needle filters with electrical and combustion-engine power generators, also in the low-noise version.

Renovation of the existing waste water pipes may also be carried out with the use of the non-excavation method, in one of the two varieties: a sleeve made of fiber soaked in polyester resins, or relining, i.e. positioning, inside an operational collector pipe made of concrete (DN 1600), pipes of polyester resins (with the diameter of 1400 mm) and filling the space between the two with a liquid concrete mix.

In July 2008 teh POLAQUA Capital Group was expanded by TECO, a company specializing in renovating the existing pipes with the use of the sleeve method, which has allowed us to expand the range of the services we offer.

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