Bridge Construction Department


We specialize in:

  • constructing medium-and large-size bridges
  • constructing bridge-like objects: overpasses, flyovers, tunnels

Undertaking new challenges

Bridge construction is a new experience for our company, but we boast some achievements in this field as well. Although the Bridge Construction Department has emerged from a reorganization scheme only in 2009, we have been getting ready for this type of investment already since 2004, by appointing special task forces within the organization. The Road and Bridge Construction Division was established in 2007, and transformed, in 2009, into its current shape. We were painstakingly building the organizational structure, recruiting the management and the staff, collecting machinery and equipment, as well as gathering experience. As a result, despite the fact that the Division has been in existence for a short period of time, we may proudly announce completion of the AUCHAN shopping center in Szczecin. POLAQUA acted as the project’s general contractor, and our Division was responsible for the system of roadways and infrastructure, as well as for reconstruction of the National Road 31, and prolonging it with a one-kilometer, double-lane section. Constructing a reinforced concrete, 380 meter long overpass and a roundabout with the diameter of 24 meters, situated 6 meters above ground, was one of the most challenging tasks within the framework of the aforementioned project.

Successful bridge construction

In 2009 POLAQUA, acting as the consortium leader, commenced construction of the Warsaw’s North Bridge Route: from the intersection with Pułkowa street to the intersection with Modlińska street. The project value is estimated at nearly PLN 977 million. Due to the size of this undertaking we have created a separate website tab where information about the progress of work and current events related to the project may be found.

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