Machinery and equipment


Reliability and effectiveness is what we value at POLAQUA the most. Therefore, we only use renowned and proven brands. Our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment stock is capable of performing any task in the field of civil engineering, road construction or welding work. Vast majority of our equipment was manufactured in the years 2004-2009.

Machinery and equipment

The company owns, among others:

Sprzęt ciężki

Sprzęt drobny

Microtunneling equipment by Herrenknecht (drills tunnels with the diameter of up to 2m and the length of up to several hundred meters).

Vertical drilling machine by BAUER, equipped with an adjustable frequency and amplitude vibration hammer:

  • capable of burying objects in solid soil (with the use of a drilling head under the object),
  • capable of drilling wells with the diameter of up to 1000mm,
  • apable of making CFA piles.

Horizontal drilling machines by Bohrtec and Wamet:

  • full control over the drill
  • used for holes with the diameter of 250 to 1200 mm and length of up to 60m, also capable of working in soils with high water content.

Vibration hammer by PTC:

  • adjustable frequency and amplitude
  • system allowing for full monitoring of soil vibrations generated by the device, automatic mode control, capable of performing precise work in inhabited areas.
  • The vibration hammer may drive various shapes of metal sections (sheeting sections, pipes, T-sections).

Wheel and caterpillar excavators with the scoop capacity of 0,6m³ to 2,1m³; by CAT, Komatsu, Case and JCB.

The excavators come equipped with:

  • Diesel, environmentally friendly, low noise engines fully meeting EURO III emission standards
  • Standard quick release fittings and scoops allowing to switch equipment between all types of machines
  • Optimum dimensions and precise control systems allowing to work in narrow streets
  • Intelligent mode selection controls and automatic switching between drive, work and idle modes
  • Computerized operation management system ensuring full use of power and protecting the device from damage. This ensures minimized fuel consumption and optimum operational efficiency
  • Advanced Management System (AMS), continuously monitoring the controls, increasing efficiency, enabling economical operation and full utilization of control features.
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