Did you know... a consortium made up of POL-AQUA and MOSTOSTAL Pomorze is in the process of implementing another project for the LOTOS Group. The contract covers mechanical work, including, inter alia: assembly of steel structures, prefabrication and installation of pipelines, installation of machinery and equipment, as well as construction of a 200 m3 heating oil tank.

Energy Construction Departament


Market analysis indicates that the petrochemical sector has good long-term development prospects. Taking advantage of that fact, POLAQUA has commenced its expansion in the gas, as well as crude oil and liquid fuels transportation and refining sectors.

We specialize in constructing:

  • high- and low-pressure crude oil and liquid fuel transfer pipelines
  • crude oil and fuel storage tanks
  • high-and low-pressure gas transfer pipelines
  • reduction, as well as reduction and metering stations
  • piston-operated receiving and sending locks
  • dam and metering units
  • distribution, as well as distribution and metering stations
  • gas pumping stations
  • fuel pumping stations

Major contracts:

  • constructing over 100 km of a new, third line of the “Przyjaźń” pipeline
  • constructing two fuel storage tanks with the capacity of 10,000 m3 each, along with the accompanying infrastructure, at the Fuel Depot No. 10 in Katowice
  • participating in the expansion of the Transit Gas Pipeline System
  • taking part in construction of the Natural Gas Pumping Station in Ciechanów
  • constructing four fuel tanks with the capacity of 10,000 m3 each in the Fuel Depot No. 5 in Emilianów
  • modernizing the tank No. 23 at the Raw Material Depot in Plebanka and the Liquid Gas Distribution Center in Płock
  • constructing a pipeline in Gdańsk – connecting the LOTOS refinery with fuel systems in the North Port
  • constructing fuel tanks with the capacity of 5,000 and 20,000 m3 in Wierzbno
  • modernizing two tanks in the Storage Depot in Mościski

Major investors:

  • PKN Orlen S.A.
  • Grupa Lotos S.A.
  • PERN „Przyjaźń” S.A.
  • Operator Logistyczny Paliw Płynnych Sp. z o.o.
  • Operator Gazociągów Przesyłowych Gaz-System S.A.
  • Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A.
  • Orlen Gaz
  • Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE” S.A.
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