Did you know... construction of the North Bridge, currently in progress, is the biggest contract ever executed by the Infrastructural Construction Division. The work is performed by all departments of the Division, i.e. the Engineering Department, the Road Department and the Bridge Department.

Environmental Construction Department

Tytuł The Infrastructural Construction Division is undoubtedly one of POLAQUA’s project execution-oriented foundation stones. Construction of civil engineering,  as well as development of the technical infrastructure are the areas that may be named our strong points, as we are one of Poland’s most renowned businesses acting in this field.

We specialize in constructing:

  • waste water treatment plants
  • waste water pumping stations
  • water treatment plants
  • waste water and rain water collectors
  • heating networks
  • power grids
  • telecommunications networks
  • microtunnels and controlled tunnels
  • tunnels
  • steel sheet walls, with optional cohesive soil drills
  • Berlin-type walls

and also in:

  • groundwork (excavation, embankments, soil replacement)
  • soil strengthening with the use of cement-stabilized gravel and sand columns
  • drainage with the use of needle filters, needle wells and depression wells

Our major contracts:

  • first stage of the National Stadium in Warsaw
  • underground infrastructure for “Miasteczko Wilanów”
  • infrastructure for the “Galeria Mokotów” Shopping Mall in Warsaw
  • entire outdoor infrastructure for the “Arkadia” Shopping Center
  • comprehensive groundwork for the “Złote Tarasy” Shopping Mall
  • participation in the construction of Auchan, Geant „King Cross Shoping” Shopping Centers in Warsaw, the Ikea shopping center in Warsaw’s Targówek district, and the Outlet shopping center in Piaseczno
  • construction of a 250 km section of waste- and rain water collectors in Brzeg
  • construction of the “Bobrek” collector in Sosnowiec (13.5 km)
  • 7.8 km of large-diameter collectors in Radom
  • waste-and rain water collectors in the Czułów district in Tychy
  • water and waste water management improvement in the gmina of Zabrze – districts of Zaborze, Makoszowy and Biskupice – stage I
  • construction of a 800mm sewer between the intersection of Kobiałka street in Warsaw with the access road to the REGATY Housing Estate to the Płudy pumping station at Orchowiecka street in Warsaw, in line with construction and execution designs
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